The Cesare Lombroso correspondence is online!

Over 2600 letters, notes, postcards received and sent between 1860 and 1909 are published.

#LombrosoProject is an effort to research, catalogue, organise, digitise and make available the unpublished works of Cesare Lombroso (Verona, 1835 – Turin, 1909) and his correspondents.
The ambition to make the most of this significant endowment by undertaking a comprehensive reorganisation, by locating the “outward” correspondence sent by Lombroso to his interlocutors, and by constructing a portal providing open access to the documents has been the driving force behind the Lombroso Project. Supported by the CRT Foundation and by the Museum System and Department of History of the University of Turin, the Lombroso Project has benefitted from the backing of the various Italian and foreign organisations that safeguard Lombroso’s unpublished work.
Letter from Cesare Lombroso to the doctor Coletti and first pages of Cesare Lombroso diary (1856).

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